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Avon Overview

I never forget from my childhood the TV advertisement that said “Ding Dong – Avon Calling”. My mother was a rep with them and we all used the items. In this AvonReview I intend to reveal that they’re a lot more than just cosmetics.

They are one of the oldest Multi Level Marketing businesses in the world today. They were founded over 130 years ago!

If you look at sales figures on their own, you will see that Avon generate close to $5 billion in worldwide sales. They must be doing things properly, but I won’t obsess on that because it’s more about you and your potential new business?

The company’s main office is in London, UK. They are a direct sales business with a product range incorporating beauty, personal care, household products and even clothing.

They are the second biggest Mlm company on earth behind Amway. They are also the 5th biggest beauty business in the world.

Even as one of the leading names in the beauty market, they have heavy opposition from the likes of Estee Lauder and L’Oreal.

This indicates they are rubbing shoulders with all these leading companies and is pretty significant. Taking into consideration you can’t visit the nearby department store and get a hold of their products on the shelf; this makes it a lot more significant.

The way to purchase products yourself is straight from one of the numerous (6 million around the world) reps out there.

Due to the fact that they can be bought on a person to person basis, the organization gives training to help with product sales and recruitment for all their reps.

The corporate team is about 50,000 strong with offices all over the globe, so they are here for a long time.

The business supports numerous causes and they have their own known as Avon Foundation for Women. This is focused on helping causes that exclusively impact women, that includes domestic violence and breast cancer research. They have actually contributed over 𧽂 million to its targeted causes, which is again quite significant.

How Avon Started

Their principal rival, Mary Kay was founded by a woman, but regardless of being a company primarily linked to women, Avon was started by a guy.

His name was David McConnell, an American who was a traveling book sales rep when he had the concept going door-to-door selling his wares.

David gave out complimentary perfume as a perk throughout his sales pitches. It worked really well for him. This was because he was generally marketing to stay at home housewives.

He soon found that the free perfume was getting more interest than the books he was attempting to sell. Because of this, he went back to his New York City office and experimented with a variety of fragrance mixtures to generate his own signature product.

After that he hired a group of women sales associates to make certain his idea ended up being a business by itself.

Even after more than a 100 years, sales representatives are sharing Avon with women all around the globe and a few of those go out to do the same. A very easy and efficient business model that works!

Are Avon Products Good?

If you want to know what the primary products are, you only need to check out a lady’s make-up bag. Such things as powders, lipstick, mascara and nail polish!

But there is a lot more!

The organization also offers skin care products like lotions, serums, moisturizers and anti-aging items.

As we now understand, they started as a perfume business and they still have fragrance in their item list.

There is personal care– hair shampoos, toothpaste, styling gel and more.  Add to that personal style products like jewellery, clothing, footwear and a great deal more, any agent will never run out of items to market to almost anyone anywhere.

Where Are The Products Made?

The business produces their own products where possible. They do use third party companies as well. Their largest establishment is situated in China, which is one of the numerous countries where they have manufacturing facilities.

Can You Order On The Internet?

Yes.  Actually every Representative has their own online shop.  The products seem to be competitively priced and have excellent feedback.

Are The Products Safe?

In the cosmetics world, there are regularly claims that cosmetics are damaging or not very safe. If you take into account that Avon have their own Research and Development Centre based in New York employing a group of scientists, they are concerned too. They remain successful after over a century of trading, so they must be doing the majority of things right.

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