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What’s New at Fantasy Gifts?

What’s New at Fantasy Gifts?

The UK’s one stop shop for all your home and pet needs. We have everything from bedding, to personalised gifts, even toys! If you need something in a hurry please email us as our delivery time scale is usually between seven to fourteen working days with the exception of made on demand goodies which may take longer due to production timescales.

Products sold:

– Bedding

– Home Decor

– Pet Products

A Blanket for Your Bedroom

If you’re looking for something to keep you warm at night, then a blanket is the perfect purchase. Blankets come in so many different sizes and designs that there’s bound to be one which suits your bedroom perfectly! Be sure to choose wisely though as blankets are often expensive purchases.

A Pet Puddle Mat for Your Dog

It may seem like an odd gift but trust us – it will make life easier when your dog has an accident on the carpet or throws up all over the floor! A pet puddle mat can’t stop accidents happening, but they’ll help get rid of any unwanted smells afterwards which could save some serious scrubbing time later down the line.

Personalised Gifts > Let Them Know You Care

Our selection of bedding includes everything from luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets and comfy duvets to downy pillows that provide a restful night’s sleep. If you’re in need of some fantasy gifts for the bed, look no further!

Whether it’s a relative or friend who needs cheering up after an illness, our selection of personalised gifts are sure to bring them joy and make their day more special. A personalised mug is always a safe bet but if they have everything else then why not give them something unexpected like engraved jewellery? We also offer lots of novelty products which would be great for any occasion so take your time browsing through what we’ve got on offer. And don’t forget that delivery within 14 working days means even last minute surprises can still turn out well!

Baby Toys and Clothes

There’s nothing like the gift of a new outfit or toy to make a baby smile. If you’re not sure whether they’ll suit it then why not take advantage of our personal stylist service and order something which is guaranteed to look adorable on them? There are lots of different colours, designs and themes so no matter what their personality there will be something for everyone including traditional outfits perfect for special occasions such as christenings. And don’t forget that if you spend over £30 with us delivery is free! It doesn’t get much better than that does it?

Well sell jewellery , home and personalised gifts, but our main focus is pet products.

For men we have shaving sets, watches and cufflinks; for women jewellery such as bracelets are popular items to buy from us too!

– Those personalised gifts which are perfect for any occasion: christenings or birthdays there is a huge range of products that you can choose from. From clothes to bedding it’s all available right here on our website so make sure you take some time out today to browse through the pages and find those special gifts your loved one will never forget! We also offer free delivery if you spend over £30 with us – what more could anyone want? So browse away now because we know once you’ve looked there will be no going back !

– Home Decor is another area we cover and it runs from wall decor to bedding. There are so many products available for you here that there’s no need to look anywhere else! Bedding includes luxury quilts, duvets, pillows, blankets and more – whatever your home needs these days then we have it all right here waiting just for you!

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