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Acti Labs – Why you should Join!

Acti Labs – Why you should Join! Read On…

I used to be a ‘skinny fat person’.

I was skinny — a lot — but my BMI was in the ‘overweight’ range.

This seemed to be a common trait with other members of the ‘skinny fat’ club where people can be skinny in appearance, but carry a lot of excess fat inside the body. This was me.

I was lucky to have a figure that hid my fat folds somewhat, but the fat was definitely there.

It is a fat that sticks around as you get older. It’s stubborn. It doesn’t go away. It’s inflammatory.

It happens to people who eat healthily, and to those who don’t. It happens to men and women.

It happens to skinny guys and fat guys alike.

This fat secretes inflammatory chemicals (cytokines) that cause a cascade of bad events in your body, and particularly in your skin.

It is these inflammatory chemicals that can cause acne, for example. Or eczema. Or psoriasis.

It’s these inflammatory chemicals that can cause damage to your internal organs — even to your brain.

Inflammatory chemicals are also the behind the aging process. The older we get, the more of these inflammatory chemicals (cytokines) are in your body, until finally they cause chronic inflammation.

You need to address these inflammatory chemicals, and work them out of your body. You need to address that fat.

That’s what Acti-Labs products are designed to do.

I am a big believer in ‘factor stacking’. If you are going to fix something about your body, you really need to fix all of it. You can’t just address the symptoms. You have to go for the base cause.

Acti-Labs is proud to present two new in-house created, in-house manufactured skin care and cosmeceutical formulations based on their most successful skincare range. The new products are: Acti-Labs Acne Free and Acti-Labs Anti-aging Moisturizing Cream.

Some of the products Acti-Labs sells:

  • Cosmeceutical Skincare. Cleansers. Serums. Creams. Masks. Samples.
  • Body Care. Conditioning. Inch-Loss.
  • Skin-Sync Mineral Makeup. Brushes. Eyes. Face. Lips.
  • Hair and Teeth. Cleansing. Treatments.

Abraham Kahn MD has successfully formulated a new range of skincare. These treatments are not creams, they are pure Acti-Labs’ ACTIVE-LIFE™ complexes.

The two new formulations are designed to suit the specific skin care requirements of two distinct age groups. Acti-Labs Anti-aging Moisturizing Cream is designed for people in their 40’s – early 60’s, preferably women. Acti-Labs Acne Free is ideal for teenagers with acne, but it can also be used successfully by patients in their 20s and 30s. The new products are the latest addition to the Acti-Labs product line, which are already sold in 50 countries.

For more information about all of the products please refer back to the person that sent you this article.


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